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"The Bandai Channel website announced that Petit Eva [email protected]~, the "first official super-deformed series" based on Neon Genesis Evangelion, will be adapted for video. The official announcement will be made in the September issue of Newtype magazine in Japan. The Gainax/Khara franchise spinoff spoofs the psychological science fiction drama by reimagining the characters as classmates in Tokyo-3's Nerv School, headed by Principal Gendō Ikari and Misato-sensei. The student body includes three different Rei "sisters," the EVA-01 mobile weapon reimagined as the school bully Evanchō, and the ill-fated Jet Alone robot as JA-ko, a "hidden character" in the form of a shy android girl.

Ryuusuke Hamamoto created the character designs which has inspired four-panel gag manga serializations in four different magazines: Monthly Shōnen Ace, Newtype, Dengeki Hobby Magazine, and Figure Oh. The Petit Eva project has also developed merchandising from super-deformed figurines to limited edition Doritos corn chips."

Synonyms: Puchi Eva, Eva-School, EAS, EOS, Neon Genesis Evangelion @ School

Type: ONA

Episodes: 24

Status: Finished Airing

Aired: Mar 20, 2007 to Mar 11, 2009

Season: Spring 2007

Studio: Xebec Kanaban Graphics

Duration: 3 minutes


Neon Genesis Evangelion
TV - 26 Episodes (Finished Airing)
Fall 1995

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