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電波教師 ちび

Junichirou Kagami is a young published physicist, a genius, and a hopeless otaku. At the mercy of YD, a self-diagnosed illness which causes him to only be able to do what he "Yearns to Do," Junichirou foregoes his scientific career to maintain and improve his anime blog. However, when he gets hired as a high school physics teacher; his sister Suzune, no longer willing to tolerate his NEET lifestyle, forces him to take the position.

Despite the fact that Junichirou has no motivation to teach the standard curriculum, he may still have something of value to teach his students outside of academics. With his class in tow, Junichirou embarks on an unlikely journey filled with life lessons such as acceptance of others, how to make lasting friends, and what it means to live a better life by doing what you yearn to do.

Synonyms: Ultimate Otaku Teacher, He Is an Ultimate Teacher

Type: TV

Episode: 24

Status: Finished Airing

Aired: Apr 04, 2015 to Sep 26, 2015

Season: Spring 2015

Studio: A-1 Pictures

Duration: 23 minutes

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