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GARO 紅蓮ノ月 ちび

Heian-kyou, capital and the center of elegant, aristocratic culture, is heavily guarded by a spiritual force field -- or so it seems. In reality, onmyouji can only defend the palace located in the northern part of the city; in downtown, monsters known as "horror" that feast upon human souls roam after sunset. There are, however, a group of heroes protecting commoners from "horrors" in darkness.

English: Garo: Crimson Moon

Synonyms: Garo 2nd Season

Japanese: GARO 紅蓮ノ月

Type: TV

Episode: 23

Status: Finished Airing

Aired: Oct 10, 2015 to Apr 02, 2016

Season: Fall 2015

Studio: MAPPA

Duration: 24 minutes

External Links: MyAnimeList

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