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ゴールデンボーイ DVD SD ちび

Kintarou Ooe is a specialist in part-time work, riding all over the highways and byways of Japan on his trusty steed, the Mikazuki 5, and finding employment wherever he can. His adventures bring him knowledge and experience that can't be taught in a classroom, from political corruption to the delicacy of a young woman's heart. With nothing but the open road before him—not to mention the many beautiful women along the way—Kintarou pursues his spirit of education while attempting to hold down his various odd jobs, however undignified they may be. As he learns from each task he takes on, who knows what could happen? He might even be able to save the world one day. One thing is for sure—this will all be very educational!

Synonyms: Golden Boy

Type: OVA

Episode: 6

Status: Finished Airing

Aired: Oct 27, 1995 to Jun 28, 1996

Season: Fall 1995

Studio: APPP

Duration: 29 minutes

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