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Ever since watching a magic show held by him and his wife Maeve, Makoto Shiranui has always admired Mamoru Hoshisato—a world-class magician, as well as friend of his parents—and came to Tokyo to become his apprentice. Kana, nicknamed Hatena, is the couple's daughter and his childhood friend. As the hustle and bustle activities in Tokyo catches Makoto off guard such as burglaries by a beautiful thief, he depends on Hatena's comforting side. When he came to Hoshisato's now-haunted mansion to reunite with his childhood friend, he is greeted by the family's butler and maid, Jeeves and Emma along with Hatena, only to discover that they are not as compatible anymore.

Japanese: はてな☆イリュージョン

Type: TV

Episodes: 12

Status: Currently Airing

Aired: Jan 09, 2020 to ?

Season: Winter 2020

Studio: Children's Playground Entertainment

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