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Initial D Battle Stage 2 DVD SD Mini MP4

頭文字〈イニシャル〉D BATTLE STAGE 2 DVD SD ちび

This is simply the OAV summing up the major events and battles of "Initial D 4th Stage" much like the "Initial D Battle Stage" original summed up the first 3 seasons. Additionally, has 2 extra battles from the manga that were not incorporated into the original 4th Stage.

Japanese: 頭文字〈イニシャル〉D BATTLE STAGE 2

Type: OVA

Episode: 1

Status: Finished Airing

Aired: May 30, 2007

Season: Spring 2007

Studio: A.C.G.T.

Duration: 80 minutes

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Poster of Initial D Fourth Stage
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Poster of Initial D Battle Stage
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