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ピアノの森 The Perfect World of Kai Bluray ちび

Amamiya Shuuhei moves from Tokyo to the country side due to his grandmother's bad health. His father is a famous pianist and Shuuhei has taken strict piano lessons since he was very young, aspiring to follow in his footsteps. In school, he is teased by his classmates and is dared to play the piano in the forest. This piano is said to be cursed: if you play it, no sound will come. After school, Ichinose Kai, a boy in the same class, takes Shuuhei to the forest. When Shuuhei tries to play he fails, but Kai plays a wonderful song.

This is the beginning of a strong friendship, and a story of two very different boys developing their skills as musicians.

Synonyms: The Perfect World of Kai, Piano Forest

Japanese: ピアノの森 The Perfect World of Kai

Type: Movie

Episode: 1

Status: Finished Airing

Aired: Jul 21, 2007

Season: Summer 2007

Studio: Madhouse

Duration: 100 minutes

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Alternative Versions

Poster of Piano no Mori (TV)
Piano no Mori (TV)
TV - 12 Episodes (Finished Airing)
Spring 2018

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